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Hematoma after Neutering

Hello dear GSD owners,

On Saturday I brought my 1 year old Archie to get Neutered (This decision had to be made if he was to continue being allowed in the very limited option of dog parks in NYC). The Vet misjudged and sized his post op cone incorrectly allowing him to have full access to his wound which he went to park with over night while we all slept. Next morning he was in excruciating pain with his empty sacks looking like grapefruits (Ouch!) Brought him back to the Vet ASAP and he shaved him more to let the wound breathe (hes a long haired boy) thinking this will improve the discomfort. Monday came around and things turned for the worse, we brought him to a emergency clinic where he was put on a serious regime of pain meds and was given a cone longer than my own body.

List of meds - Started Monday
Tramadol (50mg) every 12 hours
Rimadyl (75mg) 3 every 8-12 hours
Acepromazinr (25mg) only to help sedate him a bit when the pain meds are still not helping

Its Wed. now and the "sack" is finally starting to look a little less angry (see pix) and no longer swelling more. However, as soon as the pain medication begins to wear off he is just as in much pain as he was from day 1. The medication is the only thing allowing him to lay comfortably and keeping him still.

He absolutely does not allow me to compress the area or clean the stitches (which are still oozing a bit). Even when sedated he will jump right up and RUN.

Im wondering if anyone has ever experienced something similar with their pooch and can offer some positive news to this whole experience. How long does this pain typically last? How long does it take for them to fully recover from a testicular hematoma?

Poor Archie
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