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Take home at 7.5 or 8.5 weeks?

My new puppy was born on Monday, May 26 , and the breeder is willing to let him go home with us on Friday, July 18. That would make the puppy just over 7.5 weeks. The other option is July 25th, and puppy would be just over 8.5 weeks. I was wondering what age would be a better "take home" age - 7.5 weeks or 8.5 weeks?

I know that some (all?) puppies go through a fear period at around 8 weeks, and I was thinking that if we left the puppy with the breeder until 8.5 weeks, the puppy would have fewer new (maybe scary to the pup?) experiences during that fear period. Am I wrong here?

However, my heart wants the puppy home with us as soon as possible! What to do??

I work Mon-Fri and will be taking 3 weeks off when we bring the puppy home. This means that a Friday or Saturday pick up would be best for us.
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