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If you're not monitoring his interactions with people directly, I would tether him to you. I use a carabiner to hook the handle of the leash to a belt loop or circle it around my waist.

If people are over, he interacts with them on your terms. If you move into the kitchen where you don't have immediate control over him, there's no sense in giving him the space to practice bad behavior. In puppyhood, the most effective way to discourage bad behavior is to manage their environment so they never have the chance to practice it.

As he gets better, he can earn more freedom, but as puppies my dogs are essentially on lock down until they know exactly how I expect them to behave. This way, you know that every interaction between him and others is appropriate or you have the means to remove him to show him that snapping won't be tolerated.

It works extremely well. I've even done it with adult dogs that come into the house.
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