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Perhaps some of the standard methods will work for your girl--I hope so. I had a rescue in which nothing worked. I could stand outside for an hour and she would not go and then she would pee the minute we came in.

She was a rescue that came from a puppy mill. What happened is she was completely de-sensitized to defecating and peeing in a crate ( she shared a cage with other dogs). She was so confused about elimination. In order to teach her a rescue "expert" told me to completely fill her crate with objects she could not chew (i.e. garbage cans, pots and pans, etc.) so that she could not move an inch. I had to back load her in and shut the crate with her face up against the door grid. There was no bedding in the crate. I came home at lunch to let her out for a while. She couldn't move an inch. In this way she began to learn. I knew we had made progress when one day she peed on the floor outside the crate before she went in. Her little face said, "See--I know I am not supposed to go in the crate." I did tons of treats outside and lots of praise!!!! It took months of encouragement and tolerance for a dog who had absolutely no training as a puppy. It was a bonding experience for both of us.

This method was the last resort, but it did work and she was so pleased with herself when she straightened was out about potty manners.

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