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Arrow Need some help. MOVED TO PUPPY BEHAVIOR

Alright people, I'll start by saying that I have a pup named Nuke(from Bull Durham) and he is about 14 to 15 weeks old. He is a great dog and has been amazing so far! Nothing to really complain about(other than normal puppy behavior). He has GREAT bite inhibition and has never even come close to drawing blood and has barely scratched the skin. His bite inhibition is so good that he does not bite anyone while playing and does not even try to "mouth" hardly at all when I play with him. That sounds all fairytale and whatnot but here is the ONLY problem I have had with him, when he wants attention from my 4 year old or anyone who comes over to visit, he wont bite them but he will "snap" at them once the second they stop petting him or he will do it when he first walks up to them. He hasnt hurt anyone but the snappin definitely frightens people and is not good at all. He is not aggressive, has a huge yard to play in when im at work, he has a full grown black lab to play with(they are now BFF's)lol, when my girlfriend and I get home we let both dogs in the house and spend the rest of the day with them, the lab is not aggressive at all but actually very submissive, I do not discipline him physically. I do not know how to correct him when he does this. He listens to what I say and when I call his name he almost always drops to full attention and will even do that when we are all sitting there, he gets excited and snaps at someone, then I stand up and say "hey"(our version of stop and listen) and he will stop, but like i said he only does it once so when I correct him it seems like it is already too late. My main problem is that I'm just not shure how to correct it. I know it sounds like im one of those parents that only sees the good in thier kids or dogs but he really is a gem except for the snapping! Specifically, I need suggestions on how to correct this and what exactly I should do in that moment. We are going to his second obedience session tomorrow but I want many opinions!
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