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Service work, protection, normal dog?

So my dog Elios, I have been training to be my service dog for about a year now has the typical protection attitude.
One of the first problems we over came in out service training.
Now for the last few months I haven't done much vest work because I'm letting him grow up and figuring out if I still want him as my service dog. And I was finishing up college and have been massively busy
I have a few mental things that he helps with but I do not need him everywhere I go.
When in the home or on walks (when people approach, VERY seldom)he barks.
I am a small girl and like the fact that his bark will keep people away from me(one of my social problems)
But for the past year I have trained this out of him for service work.
While on vest he is down right perfect.
He knows it's his job and that nothing else matters.
But I've had this fight in my head about, still being protected.
I'd like to bring my dog to a place I will have an anxiety attack and him be perfect, but if also like to bring him on a family hike and be protected.
Now are these two things even possible?
One on vest and one off?
Or shall I just pick one, the one that suites him best?
I don't want to overwhelm him or confuse him. What I've trained him is that on vest he needs to be fully focused and look at nothing. But when on vest (still had to obey of course) he can be a dog and have fun.
What do you guys think?

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