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Oh sorry, when I said "back" I didn't mean physically, but mentally. As in bring her "back" to me in the way that she doesn't come away from that dog just to start looking for something to refocus on. I want that thing to be me, lol. It probably doesn't even last 15 seconds, but seems longer in the heat of the moment.

I was unsure about grabbing the leash close because I didn't want her to be at heel with a tight feeling on the leash since she was taught that heel is where she should be and there should not be a tight leash. Does that even make sense? Usually I use a 6ft leash but keep a loop in it so it is shorter, so when she sees the other dog and pulls, I let go of the loop and we turn which releases the tension. I don't really have to drag her away once I turn. Don't know if I explained that right.

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