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For food I use cooked meat (chicken, liver, duck, whatever I have) or cheese. I don't have any friends who have dogs that can help. How can you give tripe? I have some but it is ground up. She eats raw food, so I wonder if anything I give isn't special enough. Spoiled brat, lol. Do you think skipping a meal could help if that is the case?

I don't ask her to be focused on me for the whole walk. I will ask her to "look", or "sit" or "paw" or whatever. But I don't have her looking at me all the time. When we see another dog in the distance, I will ask her something, but more often and in different ways (back to the dog, side to the dog, etc) to try to get her focus off the dog. Usually I ask for a paw since it puts her into sit and she seems more excited to give a paw.

Thank you very much for your time and help. I am so glad I asked here before trying out the prong. It did seem work well according to the one who suggested it, but like you said, I am worried about making her wary of other dogs.

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