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Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
After we turn, it takes her a bit to get a hold of herself again, like she's rush in front of me and start looking everywhere and not "look". Is there a way to work on bringing her "back" quicker too? Thanks for all your help.
For this, you just have to be purposeful and confident. If you try to reward her or spend time trying to get her listen to a command, it is going to not only devalue a command, but can teach her she can hang out for a bit if she plants herself.

When she gets distracted and starts reacting, even the little bit of whining or pulling, I would take a solid hold of the leash about a foot from the collar, turn and move cleanly away. Don't keep your attention on her, don't stare at her, wait for her to turn around, click at her, try to tell her this way. It is just removal. Keep your shoulders square ahead and walk away, with a good amount of energy if need be. There will be no choice for her but to follow immediately if you do it right.

When she is back to walking loosely beside you, and preferably when she looks up at you as if to say "What was that for?" is when you stop and work the training again.
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