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Thanks for the reply. That is what we've been trying to do. I understand the concept, just applying it in real life is hard sometimes. Once a person gave me crap for going back and forth like I was trying to agitate his dog. So, we turn around and have no more practice until next time there is a dog. Do you still think she is learning this way? Or does different dog/time = starting from scratch every time? Because, we don't see to be able to be getting any progress on distance, though we've made progress on intensity of reaction compared to when we got her. When she starts pulling, we turn around. I know by then, there's not getting through to her. After we turn, it takes her a bit to get a hold of herself again, like she's rush in front of me and start looking everywhere and not "look". Is there a way to work on bringing her "back" quicker too? Thanks for all your help.

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