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Bill C-615 to Ban Electric Shock Collars in Canada

This video has been making the rounds on Facebook locally with all the positive-only trainers cheering it on. NDP MP Kennedy Stewart recently introduced a private member's bill to ban all use of ecollars for "companion animals" in Canada. The full text of the bill can be found here.

The preamble clauses lay out the "arguments" against ecollars:

The use of electric shock collars on companion animals serves to negatively impact their physical, social and psychological well-being and quality of life

Scientific research has demonstrated that the use of electric shock collars on companion animals causes an increase in their levels of fear, anxiety, stress and aggression

The use of electric shock collars, having been recognized as an inhumane practice, has been banned or restricted in numerous countries

There are alternative methods for effectively training companion animals without inflicting needless pain and suffering

Canadians are committed to protecting animal welfare and preventing cruelty against animals in all forms
It's pretty clear the vast majority of people commenting on Youtube and Facebook have never seen, felt, or used any kind of ecollar, let alone a modern precisely adjustable model, nor have they read anything about modern low stimulation training methods. I can understand if a member of the public hears "shock collar" and thinks it sounds barbaric, but the number of dog training professionals and business owners making completely uniformed comments is appalling.

It's very unlikely this particular bill will be voted on or passed into law, but we've already seen prong collars and ecollars banned in Quebec this year, and it's not like many MPs are going to stand up and argue for the use of "shock collars" on dogs. It seems like the whole country may be heading the same way as Quebec at some point in the near future.
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