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Default New Cockatiel: Update

It's been about a week since I brought Arka home, so she's approximately nine weeks old now. It took a while for her to get comfortable in her new environment, but she is very happy and at ease now. I let her out of her cage every day, as much as I can (about 1-2 hours, multiple times in a day). She plays with all of her toys, and is becoming very vocal (and I don't mind ). I don't push her to interact with me, I allow her to move about as she pleases. I can get her to step up onto my finger very easily by luring her with food (romaine lettuce is her favorite so far). Just this morning, I let her out of her cage. She always comes out by herself. I fed her some lettuce while she stood on my finger. When she was finished, I set her back on top of her cage. Well, she came back to me, so I tried to get her on my finger again. And she did! With no biting or hissing. I was also able to stroke her chest. She is doing very well.
Here is a video of her, if you want to see how well she is doing.

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