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Working Prospect question

Hi there, I am new to the forum and have been offered an amazing opportunity to obtain a GSD. I will start by saying I have never owned a GSD before, however I have owned working, titled, imported Rottweilers so I *am* familiar and comfortable with strong working dogs. I am coming here because although I am familiar with titles, I am not familiar with any lines in the GSD world and would love some honest feedback regarding this bitch I may get. Basic info: She is 21 months old, she's had about 6 months obedience/schutzhund training. She is not titled in any way, basically because she is still quite young. Her owner is rehoming her because he doesn't have time (he's got 9 dogs and is downsizing to 3. He has 2 successful businesses and will be starring in a new reality show on A&E and filming is due to start soon). She is eager to please, prefers women, easily corrected, and good with other dogs. I would be getting her for competition obedience, personal protection, and would probably at least aim for a BH, and perhaps go further depending on us both (I have 3 kids at home, ages 8-17, as well as 4 other dogs so time is at a premium at the moment, but will be easing up in the next couple years as kids move out and we lose our corso who doesn't have a lot of time left due to crippling hip dysplasia). Additionally, I will most likely train her to be my service dog. I work part time from home so even though I do have several dogs, they spend most of each day with us. 2 of the dogs are 4 pound chihuahuas so not really dogs at all ;-)

Anyway, here are links to the bitch's sire and dam. If you know of any good, bad, or indifferent information on the dogs on either side, I would be really grateful. My biggest concerns are: temperament, health & trainability. I need a dog that is athletic, healthy, and that has an OFF switch and can be calm in the house. She will be a house pet first and foremost. I can deal with a dog who may not be *superb* on the field as long as she can be calm and manageable at home.

Thanks in advance for any advice, comments you can provide. I realize that there is no dog bashing allowed, so if you have some negative info to share, please PM the info to me so as not to break forum rules.

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