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When Kaiju was 3 months old and we were working on leash manners. Pretty good, but he pulled occasionally: "Have you heard of a prong collar? That's what you're supposed to train German Shepherds with so they don't get aggressive."

When working on Kaiju's puppy mouthing: "Every time he bites you, you should grab his tongue and not let go until he cries." Also: "Press his tongue against his teeth until it bleeds a little bit."

When working on Kaiju's urge to chew the leash: "You should just pick him up off the ground by the leash every time he bites it."

After Kaiju was neutered and had to wear the cone of shame: "I can't believe you're going to make him wear that horrible thing. I've heard cayenne pepper can make them stop chewing things. Maybe you should just rub some on him to discourage the chewing." (On his STITCHES?!)

While working on Kaiju's excitement/barkiness towards other dogs on leash: "You should spray him in the face with a 50/50 mix of water and apple cider vinegar so he knows you mean business."

When I was working with my DA/PA dog Atlas on remaining calm in the presence of his triggers: "There's really no hope for him. If you want to feel better, you should just put him to sleep."

When I was actively walking away from a woman and her child at the park with Atlas: "You need to let people pet him so he can get better! How is he going to get better if you don't let anyone touch him?" (She was trying to get me to let her child pet my dog with a BITE HISTORY which I clearly told her about. Apparently the muzzle makes it okay?)

Also about Atlas: "You need to be more of a leader to him. If all you do is give him treats, you're never going to get anywhere with him. If you hold him down when there are people around, he'll know you're in control."

They irritated me because they made the assumption that I knew nothing or based their theories off of untrue stereotypes of different training methods. Or their suggestions were just bonkers. The conversations would have gone much more smoothly if they had started out with maybe "What have you done so far?"
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