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Picking dogs based on looks

Originally Posted by LoveEcho View Post
I had my heart set on a sable when I got Delta. She was from a litter that produced almost all sables... But she was the only female. She's a black and tan. She may not be what I thought I wanted in terms of looks but she's utterly perfect in every other way and exactly what I wanted for temperament (and she's a very pretty girl, if I do say). I'm glad I didn't hold out and wait for a sable. I think it's fine to have something in mind in terms of looks, but it's a problem when you forego everything else to get a look you want.

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I saw your post in the other thread. That's why I posted. You replying to that post.

I think this is the right way to go about it, just not sure how easy it is to do for everyone.

I wonder if looks have something to do with dogs being dumped in shelters. Or it's always temperament?

Like did anyone dump their dogs because they don't like their looks? No one would probably admit to it because they'd be afraid to look shallow but I wonder if it happens often?

If it does then maybe picking based on looks is not such a bad idea for some? Then again, if someone is keeping their dog only because they like his look then maybe that's not the best place for them.

Lol, excuse me, I am having fun. I like thinking about stuff like this.

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