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Picking dogs based on looks

It's looked down upon to do that. I understand the reasons behind it, health and temperament should come first. You can have a beautiful dog that bites or is crippled and his looks don't mean much at that point.

But I don't think we can deny that people are visual creatures. Looks matter in our world, people can talk about 'inside beauty' all they want but I think I read about studies that prove that pretty people have things a little easier.

Back to dogs, the reason most people are attached to a certain breed to begin with is largely because of looks. Yes, there are breed traits and breed reputation (some people want a 'tough dog') but i'd say looks do play a huge part in the picking process.

So if you agree with that then what's wrong with taking it a step further and picking the color and look?

It's much easier to bond with an animal if you like their look IMO. Or maybe, I like my dog's look because I bonded with him?
That's an interesting one)))))

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