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Ginger's gait/hips- concerned.

Ginger is our 4year old (estimated) rescue.
She has obviously been kenneled/crated a lot as she has large elbow calluses.
She tires very easily. Doesn't "play" much.
We started training last night and our trainer voiced concern about her gait/hips. Trainer is also concerned about her lack of stamina/endurance. My husband and I believe this is from the crating but now I am worried.
Already made a vet appointment for tomorrow night (orthopedic vet) but thought I'd post some videos in case you guys had opinions/advice.
As a note, she shows no pain/discomfort while walking or trotting. She doesn't mind if I touch her hip, doesn't show any discomfort if I rub or manipulate them (gently).

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