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I'm pretty sure my pup has ear mites

A few months ago I noticed dirty ears. I then cleaned them up every couple days for a week. The problem seemed to go away. A few weeks later it happened again, exact same results. The problem went away for a week or two.

Now its happening again.

I hate to be cheap, but I've had my own health problems earlier this year that I"m still paying off.

If I need to get him in to the vet, I will. I been searching around the web, and found references to corn oil as a treatment. I wanted to ask before I tried. Up until now I have just been cleaning his ears with WitchHazel. I have been happy with the results , but am now recognizing a cycle, and want to do what is best for my pup.

The problem is not yet bad, I just don't want it to continue.
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