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We have literally just returned from the vet from Samson (6 months and crazy!) fell into the edge of the pool and injured his leg. This is the second time he has fallen in from the edge and now has a soft tissue injury. :-( Unlike the pool though that you are looking at, ours is very curvy around the whole thing so I think he has just misjudged those curves a couple of times while running around the pool while we were in it.

Because we live in a very hot climate, we WANT him to want to get in the pool to cool down and we want him to want to swim for exercise when the asphalt is too hot in the summer to walk on. So far, we have trained him on a leash to only go in the pool on command. Treat it like a doorwary. Take him to the edge of the pool, WAIT, OK and then he can go. While we are in the pool, we can say "on the step" and he is allowed to go on the step. He caught on really quickly. I don't want him jumping on the step everytime he goes out for a potty break because I don't want a wet dog all of the time! LOL

It can work as long as you set up the boundaries for the dog. A couple of times Samson has headed to the pool without the command and with a simple "Ah ah" and he will turn around.

Also, when teaching to swim in the pool, always make him enter and exit at the same place so that he learns the proper exit and knows where the step is if he ever does fall in. We LOVE have a house with a pool. Our neighbor's lab has even came over for an afternoon swim! It is endless entertainment for the kids (our whole family really), bbq's, parties and you don't have to pack up a pool bag and leave the house.
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