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Zoe not eating so great until I fed her raw today

Zoe who I just brought home on Sunday hasn't really been eating too well. I had Blue Buffalo large breed puppy grain free food. I also bought some cans of the same. Anyways, the vet had said yesterday (Mon) that she was a little bit on the light side, but nothing to worry about.
However, both Sunday, Mon, and this morning, she hardly touched her food.
That is when I started "boning up" on the raw food forum here.
Had my hubby run out and get some chicken thighs and folks, we have a new puppy! She LOVES it. She is so funny tonight running around being silly tossing things in the air then pouncing on them. MUCH more energy.
I am now going to run out and get the necks.
She also has not pooped at all since she ate at 1 pm and then again 40 minutes ago. Am I to expect lesser amounts of stools, or an explosion soon?

I will be reading and reading about all of this, but need to know some info really quick before running to the grocery store.
I know it should be 10% of her weight that is fed. How long on the necks, backs and thighs before progressing to green tripe, organ meats, etc? Or do I get that now?
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