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Default people with pools

does your gsd jump in your in ground pool when you aren't outside?
I've been trying to avoid a house with a pool but we are house hunting and found a very nice house, the only problem? This is the backyard:

There's a park down the street and a pretty nice front yard I can play with her in, but for trips to potty I want to be able to open the door and just let her out (going to teach her to potty in those plants lol). All the concrete isn't ideal but I guess I'm just wondering if your gsd goes in your pool all the time. I will put up a fence if necessary and I'm okay if she swims while I'm out there, but I figure a lot of dogs will probably just leave it alone after awhile. I'll need to supervise for a long time until I trust her - she's a great swimmer though so I'm not worried about her drowning (though that could certainly happen) it's more about unwanted wet dog 24-7.
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