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Thanks guys!! If we adopt, I think we will do the foster to adopt unless we fall madly inlove at first site.

Diesel-My situation has changed quite a bit... but I'm not entirely convinced yet if it's perfect for the breed, which is another thing rolling around in my head. I now live closer to work, much easier to get home for a puppy. It is now 2 of us, and much easer to help with everything including socializing, one with Titan, one with the new pup. I also would request a different personality than the last one I had. I wanted the pick pup, more confident, up front, protection personality. Which my have been some of the issue. This time I would want a more submissive, calm natured dog. Pretty much the opposite of what I had before.

Another thing too that I had issues with was that I couldn't leave Athena with anyone because she didn't like anyone else.. Though there is the possibility of deploying at the same time and vacations every now and then, I don't really have to worry about if I leave, who will watch her.. and vice versa.

With the rescue.. sometimes it sounds like the better option. We aren't looking for anything other than a pet so requirements for drive and working ability aren't there. We just want a calm(ish) happy pup. Ready to go when we go on walks or to the park, but can chill out in the house. plus I think the BF would appreciate being part of the picking process.. he doesn't say it, but I know him


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