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To rescue or get my replacement pup?

Just curious on y'all's thoughts. The BF and I have decided to add another fur baby to our little family. He has come a long way from the "not a dog person" when we first met, to now sending me ads when he sees a dog that needs a home

That being said he isn't sure he wants to go through a breeder and we recently talked about rescuing from the local shelter. Though, I do have a replacement puppy from a Boerboel breeder when I want her, on my terms. So there's that too. He said he doesn't care one way or another, that I am the "dog person" and he will be fine with whichever.

The problem is, if we go with the Boerboel from the breeder, I feel as though he won't feel like he had a say and won't feel like it's really his, because this was a prior incident before we were together. And I could see him getting a little more excited when we talk about going to the rescue and picking one out together.

NOW do I eat the $2500 already spent on the Boerboel for now and rescue? Or do I just go to the breeder because there's already money invested? It's hard because he says he doesn't care at all, but my gut says that he does and just knows I have money invested already in the other... What do y'all think? Obviously we will make the ultimate decision.. just curious on what you think

Decisions decisions...


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