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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
Delgado was crated at night until he was 2 years old, he would get bored if left out overnight as well and either wander and whine or chew something he wasn't supposed to. It can take time before they outgrow it, it's easy to redirect when you are awake but when you're asleep that's a whole other kettle of fish.

You could try keeping her in your room, a babygate across the door or close the door. That way if she does get restless or destructive you should hear it and you can redirect her to her bed
I had tried keeping her in my room at night (although she was closer to 4months old) and she chewed a hole in my wall. Granted, she has a lot more to distract her now with many toys. She has a elbow bone I bought her recently and she fell in love with it. She will trot around the house with it in her mouth all day. I want to give it another shot but still unsure.
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