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What she does when your asleep...

So i have this 10month old GSD/Rottie mix that has issues being in the crate at night. She whines for about half an hour and then she is pretty calm. Before she didn't even stop throughout the night so this has improved! However, I would really like to only have her in the crate from the time that my girlfriend and I are at work (max 4-5 hours in crate). The only issue is that when she was a little younger I tried this out for a few weeks or so. The first couple days she did fine! However, when she gets bored, she gets very destructive...I mean chewing on walls destructive. She has tons of toys!! She gets walked twice a day once in the morning once in the evening with training and play throughout the day when we are both around the house. If I knew she wouldn't chew on anything I would love to leave her out of the crate at night but I just don't feel confident to do so right now. Help please and thank you!
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