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Are these dog parks an over seas thing cuz I've never heard of them in the uk, I take my pup to a regular park with swings and kids and ducks ( he likes the ducks lol) and just over fields by me.

I've had a lot of people avoid us when we are walking and I feel bad for him cuz he does love a play, some people are angels even when he's rele boisterous and bowls other dogs over and others just shout at me for not controlling him even tho I shout him and he comes straight back and waits for a biscuit.

He's currently pulling a lot so we have him on a halite and even that's causing problems cuz now people think he's a vicious dog and if they see me take the halite off him over the field they go insane at me.... I ignore them cuz I know he wouldn't hurt a fly, i mean for Christ sake the big fool ran away for a chihuahua the other day when he could have just eaten it in one bite lol
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