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Best Birthday rescue ever!

So last night i recieved a frantic phone call from one of my good friends begging me to take her dog Trip. Jen bought Trip while she lived on a farm with her father, mom, husband and 1 year old. Trip who is now 9 has lived at the same spot since he was 8 weeks old, everyone moved out but Jennies father who took on the responsibility for the care of Trip. Well, the father had a change of heart and does not want the dog there anymore, the land which is rented to them is being taken back and it is just a nightmare so Trip has to go (he cannot live with Jen or the ex husband ryan) Trip is also a very handsome Pitbull which does not play in his favor if he was dropped at a shelter even though he is older then the BSL. Trip is a sweetheart and the minute she called me in tears i was all over it until 1 30 am trying to find a rescue which would take him under there wing i would have just kept him here until a suitable foster or adopter came up. A little about Trip, he loves cats, dogs, people, horses and i dont know if he loves kids but he certainly survived baby hood/toddler years with out any issues. So, today i recieved a wonderful PM from a lovely rescue which has a foster ready to go and we are arranging transport this weekend! Thankgod. While i was on my way up to the durham forest i stopped at the farm just to see him and see if he remembered me, and he was laying there in the sun, with no shade chained to a dog house not fit for a rat, no water, no food. I called his name and he got up gave me his goofy smile and starting wagging his tail, he remembered. I gave him water, snacks and called jennie asap and told her that if she did not come and get him and house him until friday i would take him that instant, as i was walking back to the car to get more water he started howling and crying and it really broke my heart. The good news is, i managed to arrange rescue for him and when i called jen and told her what his conditions were like she went to get him tonight. I am very lucky i made the decision to stop and see him, he looked really rough, but all and all very happy birthday pressy for me, saved dog! can not believe i am 30.
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