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We are off to the vet on Wednesday: wish us luck!

Smokey and Zeeva need their vaccinations updated so we are scheduled on Wednesday. Please wish us luck. I'd called our previous vet like 12 times and left half a dozen massages to figure out when the pups are due for vaccs but I didn't get any response. Finally, today someone answered and faxed over the details.

It's easy to take them one at a time but together they're a handful...

I absolutely cannot stress enough how much I love our vet! He's become like family to us because he's a part of our community! I took Smokey in to get his gums looked at because he has a large bump there, and they didn't charge us for the consultation. I don't want to take advantage of him at all. Zeeva's had two surgeries with him in the past 6 months to remove lumps which we paid a hefty amount for, but still it was discounted. I'm so lucky in this area it's unbelievable!

They have AMAZING reviews on Yelp as well so I'm not BSing when I praise them. If anyone is in my area and needs a reference please PM me. Prices are reasonable too (IMO).
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