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PTS my rat :(

I have a three year old neutered male rat who has always been fat and sweet. He started to drag his rear end and his tail over the floor. He is unbalanced and falls off the ledges and is also losing weight. So I put him in a separate cage with one level, away from his sisters so he wouldn't fall anymore. That was so sad as they evidently tried to get to each other. I gave his sisters to a nice girl since I wasn't planning on any rodents for as long as DDog lives. He really tries to eat them whenever he gets the chance.
I think I could keep him (the rat) alive for quite some time but we will go on a two week vacation next month during which he will be completely alone. So I am planning on letting him go to the bridge before I leave. Is that premature? Is it fair? It is so sad to see him like that. Arghh, why do rat lives such short lives.....
He might die before that time even, I hope.
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