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Originally Posted by SuperG View Post
I've always been interested in the dock diving event....the dogs have to simply enjoy the heck out of it.

Good job on getting Patton indoctrinated.

Question for you....have you ever seen a handler end up going of the end of the dock?

It's a ton of fun. I haven't had a dog that didn't love it, yet!

I have not seen one go off on accident. I almost did ONCE when the turf was very wet and I was in flip flops. (now I jump barefoot)

BUT, there is a "rule" (read:joke) that if you jump your personal best you have to jump in the pool with your dog. One gal over the weekend jumped in TWICE with her dog. And I've had trainers go in pools/ponds with the dogs to help them jump/swim as well. But never on accident!

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