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Kicked out of puppy class

Hello, I'm new here and also a new owner of Bella, my 7 month old GSD/Akita mix. I rescued her a little over a month ago.

So, I had my honeymoon phase where she was awesome on the leash. Now, she is very reactive. Barks and lunges and other dogs. I am already embarrassed because people give me dirty looks and act as if I own Cujo. The really judgmental people are dog owners themselves. She is great off leash at the dog park because she is off leash. She is awesome at home with my husband, 3 yr old daughter and 10 month old son.

I signed up for puppy class at our local pet store. My pet store also has a clinic where we can take our animals there for vaccinations.
When I first went in with Bella she was of course, barking and lunging at every dog there. The trainer of the puppy class I signed up for happened to be there as well. She reassured me that her class would be helpful and that I bring lots of treats. She also said that because Bella has reactive issues, we will be behind a carpeted wall.

Fast forward to our first training. Bella barked 80% of the time. She was so stressed out. We were behind a wall and didn't get the attention that others were getting. People complained. Bella was way too stressed out.
They asked that I come back on another day separate from the class.

I went in the store again for 2nd round of vacs and Bella was terrified and barking at everything. I emailed the trainer to cancel the training all together.

The trainer said that Bella has serious issues and should be medicated.
Medication...really? As a trainer, she should have known that class training would not be a good fit. She put us in a bad predicament.

I found another trainer that will come to my house. All of the reviews rave about him and they all had dogs with behavior issues like Bella.

I am just writing because I feel very defeated and alone.

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