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Patton places at the Premier

Fiancé and I camped out at the UKC Premier this weekend and had a blast!

I am happy to say that Patton is now a dock diver just like his brother and daddy!

He had two competitions after learning to jump the night before, and he made it to finals in his division, where he placed 1st with a jump of 9' 4"! Not bad for a newb and a 7 month old, at that! We got a neat win picture taken together that I am hoping to upload later.

Untitled by DJetzel, on Flickr

He also rocked the Disc Dog field and came away with a bronze medal in Throw and Go competition - beating his "big brother" Jinks and Willy!

Untitled by DJetzel, on Flickr

Very impressed with him this weekend. Got to see his brother Legend and dad Nikon while we were there and we all had a great time jumping together. He was non-reactive with all of the dogs around, crated decently under a tent with 20 or so other dogs, tugged efficiently EVERYWHERE, played Frisbee off leash just fine while surrounded by other dogs, and met a ton of people and kids, too. He's a pretty awesome pup to have around and work with!

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