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No. It will not create a dog that craves attention. That is largely an instinctive/personality trait. My GSD puppy is almost 8 months old. We did a CGC class when he was very young, around 4 months, maybe younger - We do the same things in our classes. At this point, he does not *want* to go say hi to anyone. We were at a dog show all weekend and numerous adults and kids asked to pet him. I told them it was fine, but let them know he might not notice them. He didn't. I don't think he looked a single stranger in the eye... he had better things to worry about.

My adult GSD also went through a CGC class and is the same way. No interest in socializing with strangers. BUT, the CGC (classes) are a great way to teach them what structured greetings look like and when it is/isn't ok to be pet/interacted with. Keep greetings short and positive, and make sure you're always telling the stranger "how" and "where" to pet him. IE - "Please don't get in his face, but you can pet him down his back."

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