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Exclamation Year old too friendly help

I have a GSD she's almost a year the beginning she loved all people now she's starting to be cautious aroud strangers-which isn't bad I kind of like my arm not ripping out of the socket every time a human walks past her
But around dogs...she's still crazy...wants to meet every dog pulling towards them, lying on the ground and catapulting herself when the dog comes closer to us...really frustrating...
If she knows the dog it's even worse-crying loudly cant shut her up..
It's kind of my fault we started doggie school really early i think this started the problem/the love for other dogs...
She got bitten a couple of times-just because she doesn't read the other dogs body language and just comes straight up in it's face(never slowly or sniffing the butt first)...
So please any ideas
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