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Now what? Barking, getting aggressive.

Kiina is now nearly 10 months old. We got her when she was 4 1/2 months old. During the first 5 months, we lived in a hotel. She was always seeing strange people, we had one incident (we were playing off-leash outside in the parking lot, young man came out of nowhere and freaked when he saw our puppy...which got her spun up and excited...she thought he was playing...I got her under control, and nothing like that ever happened again).

We've taken her out hiking with groups of other dogs, and people. She's always been friendly, and never aggressive. Living in the hotel, she was quite hyper and mouthy...always. I took her around playgrounds, where kids were being loud, running around, playing soccer, tag, etc., and, while spun up the first time, the successive times she got much the point where she would just sit quietly next to me.

6 weeks ago, we went on a long trip, she was kenneled with a local GSD breeder, when we got back we immediately moved into our house (FINALLY), and just over a week later, she went into her first heat.

Since moving in, and going through her heat, she has been a very calm dog. Cuddly, even. The mouthing has all but stopped (only every once in a great while, if we were gone and had to leave her out back for several hours). She goes wherever I go...very attentive to me...and much more responsive to basic obedience commands.

We have had people (workmen/landlord) here off and on...and she barks pretty aggressively at them. Usually, we just pen her in back (where she continues to bark) or her crate (which seems to calm her down). But this past weekend we had a 14yo boy over to visit...and she would not calm down. We put her on her leash, we had her sit/lie down, the boy came to pet her...and she'd just go nutso, hackles up, barking and wanting to jump up (the boy started to become afraid of her). So, we kept her with us the whole time, and either on-leash, crated or locked in our room, or out back. She kept up for 2 days...if she heard him or saw him, she'd start back up again.

We are going to be having guests for long periods of time (staying for weeks/months). I need to get her past this...what do you suggest?
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