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In loving memory

It's been one year since Clipper went to the bridge, one year and nine months that Cody went on ahead. I miss you my boys. Miss huggin your necks and those sweet kisses! Cody always gave nice neat kisses with a nibble on the chin sometimes, Clipper gave big sloppy kisses with a gnaw on the nose or chin! Love you both forever!
"For I never change, I'm forever the same,
Hope you call out my name,when you need me."
Let my love be no burden,
Let me be your servant,
Silent and certain, as time ticking by.
Like a star, let it guide you, and hide it inside you,
And know I'll be by to protect you from harm.
Be never afraid, of dark shadows or shade,
Let sad memories fade,
Till you need them.
Some day, you'll be young again,
And we'll play, like we did back then,
And fly far away, you and I, my friend.
Someday, when you're young, again.

These are some lines from "some day when you're young again" by David Baerwald.
We'll meet at the bridge in time boys, then we wii play again! Miss you both!
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