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At a loss

Hello all. I have a GSD pup who is currently just about 14 weeks old - will be on Tuesday - and who will not eat her food for the life of her. It seems like it's been slowly spiraling downhill since we took her at 8 weeks.

A bit of background for you; She is the product of my land lord's shepherds, out of a litter of ten. She was the biggest eater in the litter when solid food was introduced, and was easily the biggest female of the litter. I 'took' her at 8 weeks and slowly introduced Wellness CORE puppy and Just for Puppy wet, which she ate with no problems the first few times. Then, she seemed to lose interest. I started adding egg, which kept her attention for a week. Then, raw ground hamburger. I tried a sample of Honest Kitchen. Canidae PURE Puppy, Orijen Large Breed Puppy, and even Nature's Variety Prairie puppy have all been a complete bust, despite the fact that she was literally tearing open the Prairie bag in the store. No type of canned wet food seems to stimulate her, save cat food - and that's actually for the cat. What's more, she went to the vet on Wednesday due to the fact that her eyes are constantly tearing. It's literally like water when I go to wipe her face, and there's usually goop in her tear ducts.

So, we tonight we tested whether she would eat with her remaining litter mates and parents (my room mate kept two of her brothers). And she did! She pigged out.

Here's my issue - they feed cheap brands of dog food, and as a pet store employee and an avid researcher, it's heart wrenching to even think of feeding her Beneful, Puppy Chow, or Iams. And I don't know what to do. I want her to eat healthy - jeeze, I'd like her to eat the best food she can, but when she refuses to touch anything but low quality dog food... Do I give in and let her have the Beneful? Do I supplement with canned? Cooked, raw? Any help here would be appreciated.
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