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dog park., strangers and petting

My 20 month old shepherd is fine with people, really friendly even, that we invite to our house or that he knows (like those at our training place). He's great with kids, even strange kids he doesn't know (like at the pet store). At the dog park today though, one of the other owners wanted to pet him and kept trying to and he'd get close, sort of nod their direction and dodge their pets. I didn't really see an issue. He's cuddly with us sometimes, but not a cuddly dog by any means. I just assumed he didn't want petted by a stranger (I wouldn't want hugged by one..?) But the group of owners mentioned he was "apprehensive." How are your dogs with strangers?

I will also add we had my 4 month old with us and he was sort of on guard, always checking in with me/her also, so I don't know that he was feeling social/playful while we were there.
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