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Originally Posted by Brighteyes View Post
Well, remember that they gotta poop somewhere! I have trained my sun conure not to do it on me but I have to pay attention to his body language or what happens isn't his fault.

I really wanted a grey at one point but already had two cockatiels, a blue fronted amazon, a yellow collared macaw and a dog. Decided it would not be fair to anyone and I' m glad I went that way. Having one bird that talks is PLENTY. It's like having a wonder if they will ever talk and then you wonder if they will ever shut up! Right now the amazon is on the patio yelling my name....and has been for twenty minutes. Great, now it's switched to my husband.

The big question, at least is at my age is, are you prepared for a pet that could live 50 years?
That's an important thing to consider. Thank you!

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