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How do you correct your pups?

I am just looking for ideas on how to correct my 5 month old. She has peed in the house four days in a row now. Which I have not hit her, yelled or anthing tk her. I just started brining her out more and right when I take her out of her crate to use the bathroom.

But I think I can work on that but how do u guys work on less biting. I play around with my pup on the ground and I take the bites but once its to harsh I stop and in a firm voice I tell her no and put her in a down stay. Then resume. Is this good practice?

But she has started digging up my vegetable garden in the back and when I come out she runs and sometimes has me chasing her. (She thinks its a game, because she will goto one side of te planter box, and knowing I cant get her she will take a chomp at one of the plants and run off. The first time I caught her I hit her in the butt and pinned her down. (Which was very dumb and I acted out of anger) but now I know I cannot do that.

But anyway, what ive been doing now if I catch her doing destruction I either put her in a down stay on her bed or crate her. But if its minor j run for treats or a tug to get her mind off what shes doing. But how does she learn to not do that? Will it come over time?

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