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Is it ever too late to 'socialize'?

Zeeva is almost 4 and Smokey is 5.

Today we had an off leash pup come up to us. Zeeva lounged but I don't think she bit...? It just happened so fast. I apologized profusely to the owner. He said "she's pretty aggressive huh." I was a little taken aback. Yes, Zeeva doesn't have the best greeting when it comes to other dogs. Yes, she is fearful of other dogs. But aggressive...? I think if the dog hadn't run up to her, if she wasn't in my grip, MAYBE she would've done the butt sniff and the play bow a second later...but I might be kidding myself :'C

Is it ever too late to 'socialize' a dog? When do dogs become set in their ways (so to say)?
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