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Seperation Anxiety!?

So, in the last week this new habit has cropped up. Raven will absolutely go ballistic if *I* go anywhere without her. In the house it's not as bad, according to the family she'll whine a bit but settle down and go to bed or to play with the other family members, but if we're out and about and I need to head off for a minute she loses her mind, barking, crying, screaming almost. It sounds like someone is trying to beat her. This is with another family member whom she's been with since the start holding the leash.

So far we've been ignoring the fit she throws, whoever is with her will distract her with something or walk her around, which works until she sees me again. I never approach to grab the leash again until she is calmed down and quiet, and then I don't make a big deal out of coming back. Just go up, grab the leash, and we continue on our way.

Am I handling this right? Or is there something else I should be doing to get through this.

Edit: She's 5 months old, forgot to mention her age in there
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