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Honest answer from breeders please..

I have been waiting for our new GSD pup and been in touch with a breeder for over a year now. I was due to pick the pup up this week but on Saturday one of our dogs (Red) was rushed to the vet (I have a thread about this).. He's still there and will be until Tuesday, he has had intensive care and the bill is likely to be in the thousands.
The whole thing has been pretty traumatic and I have lost my enthusiasm for bringing him home at the same time as a new pup. I feel that I have come so close to losing one of our precious pack that I want to concentrate on, and be grateful for what I have...
The long and short of it is that I feel awful, but because of what has happened, I am thinking of letting the breeder down and not getting the pup. I paid a deposit several months ago, which I imagine will compensate her for the extra time she will have the pup if she does not have anyone waiting. I do not feel good about this, but it has been an unexpected spin-off of the whole emergency with Red.
My question is, as a breeder, honestly, how annoyed would you be if you were in the situation I am possibly about to put this breeder in by changing my mind at the last minute?

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