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I would not recommend feeding the bleached tripe at all. From what I understand, it has been stripped of all its nutritional value. If you are doing prey model raw, the only supplement I've ever used is some fish oil and occasionally a prebiotic (if I can't get green tripe).

As far as wild game, I've sometimes frozen it before feeding, other times not. The major thing I don't feed from any animal is the brain. And as far as game animals in general, DO NOT feed wild hog in any way shape or form. Domestic pigs have been purged of trichinosis, but wild hogs have not, and it really is not worth the risk.

If I have a smaller animal, like a rabbit, I sometimes skin them, I sometimes give them whole. My dog tends to pull the fur/feathers off, so the main problem is it's a bit messier (flying fur/feathers!) if I don't skin it first. But small whole animals are excellent to give to our dog as they are the quintessential whole prey.

If using parts from larger animals, I build frankenprey.

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This site talks about it towards the bottom.
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