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I could use some help with the issue of tripe. I don't have access to green tripe right now. I could order it online but it is very expensive. So, I have basically two ?'s about that, and a couple of other sourcing ?'s.

Tripe: I know that the tripe I feed should be green; I've read from some people that you should give only green tripe, and others didn't seem as vigilant about that. I bought regular tripe from the grocery and cut it up to portion out over time. It is the white/bleached (I know, terrible and I feel guilty about giving that), is this even semi-okay in place of green tripe for the time being? Is there a vegetable substitute I could add to help with any minerals they may need from the green tripe?

eta- there are quite a few Asian and Latin groceries near me, would either of these have any of the more 'interesting' bits that I could give for organ portions?

I have a processor about an hour away that is willing to give me deer/game scraps - GIVE them! (Awesome!!) But it isn't deer season yet. Is green deer tripe okay to give? Should it be cleaned out a certain way or the contents just left inside? I do know that wild game should be frozen for a couple of weeks before giving it (my preference, but please correct me if I'm wrong).

About wild game: I know some of you out there are hunters so, what do you give your dogs off of the carcasses? How do you prep what you give, if you prep, and what do you avoid giving them? I'll be getting scraps from a processor and I'll either know what to ask them for or be able to pick through what I need on my own. Also- I'll only be able to make the trip about once every 6-8 weeks. Wild game probably won't be their entire diet though.

What is okay to give off of wild game? Hooves and feet? Fur? Ears w/fur? Entrails? Obviously heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, lungs, bronchea/trachea.... I'm not figuring on getting any muscle meat except for what's scrapped (if anything edible is scrapped) so I need some direction with that. Should I ask for fowl innards? Rabbit innards? Quail? ...

Thanks in advance

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