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3 month old GSD puppy still peeing in house.

I got my new solid black GSD pup, Zeus, at 8 weeks old. I started crate training and potty training the day I got him. He was doing great up until about 2-3 weeks ago. I thought maybe he had a bladder infection so I took him to the vet. She said his urine seemed fine but his white blood cell count was a little up so she gave me 10 days worth of antibiotics. He's almost done with them but still pees in the house a lot. He knows exactly where to go if he needs to go out (the door) and usually does go there. Sometimes he just pees then walks to the door, or pees right at the door. How can I correct this? I take him out right then and there when he pees inside. He goes all night without peeing in his crate.

I currently am training him to walk on a leash and he is doing pretty well and isn't pulling much anymore. He sits when I say sit and he is doing well with stay and come. So all of his other training is going well. Just the peeing thing!

Thank you guys for all the posts on this forum, I am learning a lot!
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