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Chicago Metro Area, Multiple GSDs available for adoption via Magnificent Mutts Rescue

There are so many GSDs at Magnificent Mutts rescue right now. Please take a moment to look at their stories. If interested in adoption go to Magnificent Mutts

Smokey – 1 year old male blanket black or possible bi-colour GSD.
“This handsome Black German Shepherd male is 1 year old. Smokey's young life started rough. He came from a home with so many dogs that he did not get enough to eat or proper social training necessary for such a young dog. Smokey is a shy guy at first and it takes him a little time to trust someone but once he does, he is the biggest goof you want to see. He is still underweight but with a few more good meals, he will put on healthy weight. For the training and attention Smokey is hoping for, he should be theonly dog in the home.

Smokey WILL need formal training and should have a person that has previous German Shepherd experience. He is up to date on shots. He will chase small dogs and cats, and has not yet been tested with children.”

Tammi – 2 year old female
Tammi is a 2 yr old owner surrender. Owner says she is good with other dogs and fine with people BUT needs a few to warm up to strangers...she doesn't growl or bark, just hesitates and can be shy with new people. We have not yet evaluated her with children or cats, so children over 10 until we can evaluate further

If interested in pursuing for adoption, please complete the online application. (no phone calls please/email only)

Rocky Balboa, 5-6 year old male GSD
“Rocky Balboa is new to rescue. He is 5-6 years old and gets along with everyone he meets. He likes other dogs, children, and even cats. He is just a mellow, easy going guy looking for a new home that won't ever give him away again.”

Molly Bee, 6-7 year old female GSD
Molly Bee is a sweet, loving girl. The poor girl spent most of her life chained outside. Her people finally gave up and surrendered her into Animal Control. Molly only wants to love and be loved. She is very quiet and shy. She really just needs someone to love her and build up her confidence to bring her out of her shell.

She is about 6-7 years old and weighs 84 lbs, but has lots of life left in her for someone to love. She is just looking for companionship. She does have a high prey drive for cats, so please no felines for her.

Kernal, Male GSD, ~5 years old
“Kernal is a 5 year old boy who just arrived. He arrived heartworm positive as a result of never having been on preventative. (We are accepting donations to help provide for his heartworm treatment.) He will require treatment and after some rest and relaxation, should make a full recovery. It will be necessary to keep him on heartworm preventative year-round so as to avoid another treatment which is difficult on their bodies. Once fully recovered, her can show you what a playful guy he is. He loves his toys!!”

Karma – 2 year old female GSD
“Karma is a 2 year old female German Shepherd who just arrived. She is only about 55lbs full grown. She was surrendered by her owner who had some personal issues preventing them from quality care of Karma. She is shy when you first meet, but she warms up quickly. She is just confused as to where he is now. A friendly face will help her move on and become comfortable again.”

Dixie, 9+ year old female GSD
Dixie is a 9+ year old German Shepherd who has once again found herself in need of a new home. Her owner now has a 12 hr work day, which is not reasonable for care of Dixies. She is very friendly and lovable good with children of all ages but a little timid around adults until she warms up to them, then she's great. She gets along better with larger dogs (not sure about cats). She is a very good companion and really just wants to please her master. Loves the outdoors and is very good on walks.

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