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Teaching an out on an extremely high drive 9mo old pup

I posted last week about a 9mo pup I recently acquired. My Internet has been down and I've been so busy with the new farm and kennel that I didn't keep the thread rolling.

Anyway, Fin has been doing pretty well. He's learnin how to be outside of a kennel more and thinks romping in the fields and swimming holes is great fun. He is good about staying close and seems to have bonded with me. He will now sit Here and Sit without too much bouncing, which is a huge improvement. He is a serious jumper.

So it's time for more serious stuff. He has NO concept of out. He wants to tug and take anything and everything. Tonight I picked up a blanket in the yard to put away and it was game on. There was NO getting him to release it. I'm not in the least bit afraid of getting bit, and I don't back down, but this little guy is lightening fast and tenancious. I was completely amazed that nothing I did made him back off. He won. I bled. I would have kept going but it was clear it was fun for him so I wasn't accomplishing anything.

Any suggestions? Besides the obvious, which is don't pick up or hold anything remotely interesting without a pinch collar and leash on him.

FWIW, I taught my older, much bigger pup an out at a younger age so I never have had to deal with it in an older pup. And this guy is obviously very strong-willed and strong-nerved.
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