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Would you buy a puppy with this kind of health guarantee...

The health and temperament of this dog is excellent to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of sale. The required vaccinations and worming are as indicated on the health record below, attached, or sent with dog. However, we advise the Buyer to have the dog examined by licensed veterinarian of Buyers choice within 48 hours after receipt of the dog. We recommend you take a stool sample. If the veterinarian finds the dog to be in poor health, the dog must be returned immediately within 48 hours with the veterinarian examination records. The returned puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal value as soon as possible. The return of the dog will be totally at the expense of Buyer, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon in writing between both parties. Failure to see a veterinarian within 48 hours will void all guarantees.

If this dog develops crippling hip dysplasia at anytime from purchase to one year of age (confirmed by x-rays from a competent licensed veterinarian or the orthopedic foundation for animals), the dog should be returned to us at the expense of the buyer. We will replace the dog (due to crippling dysplasia) as soon as possible with a replacement of equal value to the dog at the time of original purchase. We reserve the right to request that the x-rays be sent to us first for review to a board-certified Veterinary Radiologist or other veterinarian of our choice. Should the Buyer prefer to retain the said dog, the Buyer thereby forfeits any replacement, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon in an written amendment signed by both parties. In the event the buyer is unable to care for this puppy due to unforeseen circumstances, the seller has the first right of refusal to take the puppy back and / or place the puppy in an appropriate home . Sale of the puppy will result in partial proceeds to the buyer to be determined by seller .

No further guarantee is made. All sales are final and deposits are non-refundable.

This sounds like crap. My male didn't get diagnosed with EPI til he was almost 3. Plus dogs show no signs of hip problems before 1 yr unless they are really bad off.
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