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Racism Still Alive

Today I got my feelings hurt, pretty bad.
My friend and I took the dogs out to one of the more popular parks in town, to get some socialization and training in for Bison. People would stop and ask to pet him and were very polite about asking him to sit beforehand. Then we ran into this group of guys playing disk golf. They stopped us and one of them asked my friend, Autumn, where she bought Bison from. So I told him he was mine, then he laughed and said "I didn't know you guys got anything besides pit bulls." His friends started laughing and started making comments like "Maybe he's just wearing a fur coat." "How much weave did you have to sell to afford him." etc.
I'm not a really confident person when someone is verbally attacking me, so I started crying and walked off. My friend did end up swearing at them, and we still had a good time with the dogs. But it hurts to know people still think this way.. and multiple people would walk by, while they blocked our path and loudly made those comments.
Luckily, this doesn't happen a lot.
Racism Still Alive-10440759_10203223382041877_1880880841689173758_n.jpg
lol vent over. (:
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